Title: Hunters Hill School

Location: Bromsgrove

Sector: Education

Hunters Hill School

Hunters Hill accommodates pupils from years 7-11 and supports young people with moderate learning, emotional and behavioural difficulties. The school prides itself in assisting pupils on all learning levels and attempts to give alternative methods of curriculum teaching, encouraging pupils in a variety of career paths.

In Detail

An area the school was keen to improve was its outdated Food Technology (FT) department. FT is a very popular subject and emphasis is on providing skills to enable pupils to produce healthy meals for themselves and others. Hunters Hill wish to expand on this ‘hands-on’ learning approach and offer pupils a setting in which they can learn what it is like to work in the professional FT Industry.

The existing FT department has not been refurbished in over 10 years and currently consists of poorly laid out appliances of domestic standard. This layout and the equipment does not provide adequate space for the 8-10 pupils the school teaches too and neither does it provide an inspirational space for the pupils to learn new skills in.