Title: Eco Farm

Location: Sandwell

Sector: Commercial

Eco Farm

MADE Architecture were appointed to design a mixed-use office development called the Eco Urban Farm. The development would contain a waste recycling facility that would generate energy through everyday waste materials. It would also contain offices and exhibition areas for locals to come in and learn about waste recycling methods.

In Detail

MADE Architecture had the opportunity to create a uniquely designed building that would act as a catalyst for regeneration in the local area. The sustainable design consisted of a large green roof, green walls and attenuating ponds; creating an overall eco-friendly project.

Following consultations with Sandwell Council Planning, various ground investigations and surveys were carried out; which informed the design layout, taking advantage of the site topography.

The layout for the scheme was primarily determined by the sites constraints and topography. The intersecting building layout was developed to maximise the internal spaces and make use of the natural changes in level.