About Us


MADE Architecture is a team of vibrant, talented and creative professionals. Thriving for over 10 years, MADE brings a breadth of experience in the residential, education, hospitality and commercial sectors. Our experienced team are dedicated in ensuring we exceed our client’s expectations. Located in Solihull town centre, we work closely with Solihull Council and Birmingham Council as well as undertaking a variety of local projects. We also stretch further afield and have completed some exciting regeneration projects in the North of England as well as Sandwell, Cheltenham, Swindon and London.



Our dedicated team of qualified architects and support staff is headed by three experienced directors. All bring their individual expertise to the table, enabling MADE to excel in every project and across all sectors of the construction industry. Between the team there is a well balanced pool of conceptual and technical driven design.

MADE frequently run work experience programmes with local schools and colleges. If you are considering architecture as a future career option and would like to learn more, please get in touch.



Our design ethos is simple. We listen to our clients needs and respond with creative yet practical ideas. As architects, we are rarely satisfied with the first option. We explore different avenues on all of our projects to maximise potential and get the right design, even on the most challenging sites. The design process often begins with freehand sketches; an effective tool to convey early design ideas. We then begin to draw up the design and finalise the proposals on our intelligent 3D BIM compatible software and collaborate with you until we reach the best solution. Our team is also experienced in technical design and have the ability to detail complex projects.

We pride ourselves in delivering a well composed full ‘traditional’ architectural service. Guiding the client through the process manage the design & construction process. We are also involved with many projects using various other procurement routes including Design and Build and Partnering routes.



MADE have the ability to offer BIM level 2 on projects which may require this. Working with the client and project stakeholders, we form an implementation strategy, which is essential to understand how the BIM information is to be utilised during the course of the project and post completion. We can then ensure the project is developed so that the appropriate information is embedded within the model. A BIM manager will assist in managing the data and information exchange between the design team. A virtual model of the building is created, showing the architectural, structural and building services information. Using the BIM toolsets, the design team can check and mange and correct element collisions. All amendments in the models are tracked and require prior approval from the BIM manager / coordinator.

Even if BIM capabilities are not required, we use this software to provide 3D imagery of the proposals. We model key structural components and are able to provide model cut-thoughts. We can also provide good quality visuals & renders, which clients often use for marketing purposes. In addition to this, we have the ability to share the model to facilities managers, design team members, asset managers providing a tailored working model information on the sites we work on. Our BIM software also helps us to reduce project time and errors.